For the month of June we invite you to celebrate — and participate — in the opportunity to do what we can NOW for our oceans. The Makai Fest features a series of events that promote awareness and educates our communities about what we can do now, in Hawaii, to help preserve our oceans’ beautiful and dynamic eco-systems. And, don’t forget to celebrate all of the things we can do at the beach and in the ocean like swimming, surfing, diving, sailing and spending quality time with friends and family!

Your participation in Makai Fest supports local organizations that are leading the charge on protecting our oceans. By taking action now, we can make a change for future generations to come. There are so many things, both BIG and small that every person can do to help in the fight to preserve, clean and protect our oceans worldwide.

Join us in the effort to spread the word about how we can all do our part to save the planet.